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Do YOU Believe? You Will After You Read This!

Well, the results are now in and you may find yourselves in a similar state of WONDER and AMAZEMENT as we here at MCC Recording Studio have found ourselves …

It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that we announce … BOTH Johnny “Six Pack” Gasparic AND Dave Temple were nominated for the ACMA (Alberta Country Music Association) “Industry Person Of The Year” award and have made it to the “Second Ballot”.

An honour indeed and we would like to thank all of our friends and associates for your continued support.

The Obligatory Inaugural Blog Post

Everyone seems to have one, so why break the tradition! In this post we would simply like to point out that we intend to do some serious blogging as time marches on. We will share whatever new and exciting news we have to share, perhaps we’ll share some ideas that we’ve been mulling over, but most of all, we hope to share updates and information about the incredibly talented artists that we work with, keeping you abreast of what’s going on in the studio and what’s coming to you soon music-wise! With this website and social networking, we are really aiming to broaden our horizons as far as getting into the “current age” goes! Yes, we’re on Facebook! Yes, we’re on Twitter! You BET we have YouTube! And just to up the “pro” quotient, we even have LinkedIn! Of course, we still have our myspace page as well, but expect an overhaul of that soon as well.

We realize that there isn’t much about MCC Recording Studio that you might not already know contained in this website, but that too will change. For now, we’re confident that we finally have a strong, well-rooted foundation with this new website and the social networks that we have connected to and you can expect this resource to grow very quickly as we add new information and start to showcase some of the projects that we’re working on as well as the talented artists that we’re working with.

We will sign off there for now …

Always the music makers,

MCC Recording Studio

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