Angela White (pop)

What:  recording epic song for disaster relief in Haiti and other places, and charities.
Engineer: Johnny Gasparic
Producer: Angela White with Daron Schofield

Fast Facts: Angela has gathered togerta a ton of artists from various background to perform on the song “         “ . some of the artists include… Julian Austin, Jesse James (makeshift innocence)
She has performed on more than 50 film sets in the last 10 years. Angela played the role of  Bernadette, the Waitress in the mafia dark-comedy feature film, Knockaround Guys next to Vin Diesel, Seth Green, Barry Pepper, Dennis Hopper and John Malcovich. Her other film credits include featured roles in Shanghai Noon, The Claim, The Heidi Fleiss Story, The Sheldon Kennedy Story

Catch Them:  Soon…